Become a Foster Home!

At this time we are no longer accepting foster applications.

Fostering is such a great way to help out! Foster homes are so important for us to transition our kitties from animal control.


The Catcade will take care of all the supplies (food, litter, etc.) and medical expenses. All we ask of our foster homes is to give love, patience, and lots of cuddles to their foster kitty.


Who Can Foster?




Whether you live in a small apartment or a house, have children, or other pets, we can find a temporary match for you. Fostering is a perfect way for anyone who absolutely loves animals but is not ready or able to make the long term commitment just yet.


We will do our best to try and match each foster animal to the best foster home. We will always take into consideration you, your lifestyle, and other members of your household, before asking you to foster a pet.

Please fill out our foster application and one of our Directors will be in touch with you if we can use your assistance!

For questions regarding our foster program, contact