Reservations can be made using the form below.


We ask for $15 to visit The Catcade. The way we operate is through these contributions so that we can continue our mission of saving cats.


All sessions are booked as a 1 hour visit. If you wish to stay longer you are able to do so based on availability on the day of your visit. Reservations booked online can only be booked on the hour.


Reservations are the only way to guarantee time at the cafe. We do accept walk-ins but space will be limited.


The Catcade is located at 1235 W. Belmont Ave, Chicago, IL 60657.


Our hours are:

Mon + Tues 2-7pm
Wed Closed
Thurs + Fri 12-8pm
Sat 10-8pm*
Sun 11-7pm*
*On Saturday and Sunday we will be closed for one hour at 3pm to give the kitties a break from having strings dangled in their face.



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