Cats? Yea, we’ve got ’em.


Check out some of our adoptable cats. We have anywhere around 15-20 cats in the lounge at any given time depending on how many adoptions we’ve just done. And because all of our cats are fully adoptable some don’t last longer than a day here so it is tough for us to update our pictures. We do our best but sometimes we are not fast enough. We do have a board in our lounge with some great polaroids of each cat that lets you know who is who.


Interested in adopting?

If you are interested in adopting a certain kitty just let us know and we will have you fill out an application. Then Chris or Shelly will sit down with you and go over your application and make sure you aren’t going to sacrifice the cat or declaw it or that you can financially provide medical care if ever needed. *Please be aware that most kittens that are under 1 year old will need to be adopted into a home with cats or need to go home with a buddy.*

The adoption fees are $100 per single cat, $150 for a pair heading off to the same household.


Adoptions since August 19, 2017

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